Happy 2016 everyone!

I hope you all had safe and exciting night last night. I know I sure did. I went out dancing with my best friends and drank lots of champagne. Happy girl over here. But honestly, the thing I was most excited about was all the books I am looking forward to reading this year. There are lots of books to be published that I have been dying to get my hands on. Also, lots of new ones I have yet to discover.

Since this is my first blog post I would just like to give you all a little of background about me. No, I am not going to reiterate what is on my About Me page, I believe all of you are smart enough to mosey your way over there, I just want to share my book personality. My two favorite book genres to read would have to be young adult and romance. Yes, I know they are two completely different animals but it’s what I have found the most pleasure in reading through my 23 years of life. Though I have never turned down a novel that has been recommended to me, regardless of genre. It’s my favorite way to branch out of my comfort zone is hearing other people recommend books they adore too me. There’s motivation in a recommendation.

I have a book club with two of my best friends Liz and Mel. We call ourselves The Royals. I know, how do you make a book club with three people?! Simple. At the time, all three of us worked at Barnes and Noble, and at the time had all been going to the young adult readers book club there. But we weren’t satisfied with the choices. Like most book clubs, they wanted to read the newest, hippest books that were busting onto the scene. I have no problem with that, I read many of those novels, but when it becomes the only thing you partake in, then it becomes quite tedious. The girls and I would suggest other, weird and unwanted novels and they would get shot down. Majority rules after all.

So after being rejected one too many times, girls can only take so much, we created our own book club and I think a better one. For one thing, we could drink wine and discuss the novel of the month. Secondly, we each got to choose the book for our birthday month without veto power. I think the best thing was since we worked in the book industry, we knew tons of authors, books, and upcoming releases so we could assess the best choices for us. All three of us have the same taste (for the most part) so the choices for the club we basically all on our to-read lists already. Finally, the thing I love the most is that we have a “slaughter rule”. Now, anyone who played sports will be familiar with this term. To put it plainly, if we start a book and get 100 pages in and are miserable, we can let the others know, see how they’re feeling and decide to cut the book and replace it or just move on. This has happened a few times, not a lot but some but it’s nice to be able to say something and not be afraid to show up at the next meeting.

I am happy to announce that this is our third consecutive year running and we’re still going strong. This year we pooled together and tried to knock out some of the series we had started previously.

Here is the 2016 Royals Reading List:

12234854_10156173860050548_6761159156278186382_n 12670381_10156546033995548_4533315804615780966_n 12799150_10156546028520548_7375345091575627069_n

12250145_10156173860415548_7095115777008049127_n 12249640_10156173862140548_622585523854322516_n 12249770_10156173862360548_7035827752207202517_n

12241787_10156173862575548_2691009015357683559_n 12208767_10156173862880548_1238200638914908698_n 12239638_10156173863145548_451072145902050211_n

11012492_10156173863740548_7904883010009807178_n 12670744_10156660489055548_3181914910025203795_n 12189132_10156173864010548_4222195194309571039_n

It looks like a good haul this year, so I’m looking forward to it. We have a mix of popular, a mix of upcoming releases, and some that came out previous years. Exactly how we like it. The problem is waiting to read all this goodness, have to find things to bide my time. I think I can manage.

In closing, in honor of New Years resolutions, I’ll just tell you the most important one that I am working on in 2016. I made a promise to myself to go back through all the books that I had read and to find the series that I have no finished for whatever reason. The second part of that resolution is that I am not allowed to start another series until they are all finished*.

* Unless it is a to-read of The Royals

I hope I can be strong. I think the last time I did a count I had more that 80 books to read. I believe in myself. Let’s see if I can do it!!


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