Book Review:: Passion – Lauren Kate

Date started: December 16, 2015

Date ended: January 2, 2016

Stars: ★★★

After rereading the first I just want to be able to call Lauren Kate and say, “Hey girl, what the hell happened in the first book?!” because the second and third novels in this series were good! I started them and I didn’t want to put them down. Alas, I am an adult and had to work, eat, and sleep so I had too. The overall story of Passion fills in the missing aspects from the first two books and helps to fill in the back-story from both Fallen and Torment, which is something that needed to be done. The origin of the curse is also fleshed out and explained so that the readers now have an understanding of why and how it started.

The fun thing that I really enjoyed about Passion compared to the previous two novels was the aspect of time-traveling. In order to find a “cure” or “loophole” to Daniel and Luce’s curse, she has to hop from her previous life to life to see if there is something they did or missed that can help them and their love survive this final go around. Though I enjoyed the novel overall does not mean there were things that wanted me to make me gouge my eyes out about.

First, Lucinda Price. Our heroine. Jesus, since Bella Swan from Twilight, there hasn’t been a heroine yet that I’ve wanted to strangle more. I even wrote my college senior thesis about how terrible Bella Swan is as a heroine and role model for young girls. So, needless to say, it’s hard (in my eyes) to take Bella’s spot because she’s so incompetent and annoying, but Luce comes very, very close. This was a tough thing I had to overcome throughout this entire series because I love heroines. Sadly, rarely do I find a novel told through a hero’s point of view that I enjoy simply because I like to become the main character and see through their eyes as such. But with Luce (and Bella) I didn’t want anything to do with them. But she was just so whiny and filled with so much angst it was hard to like her. To me, Luce is truly too stupid to ever be a heroine. She has no clue where she is going or what she is supposed to be doing but she’s just going to jump into any “announcer” she sees and will then assess the situation. Also, in the middle of the novel, she meets a gargoyle and he tells her he can help he find the cure for her and Daniel’s problem. This doesn’t send up a red flag for her and she blindly follows him everywhere he takes her or tells her to go. This part of the story does add one of the best plot twists I never saw coming but hey! the plot had to get there somehow. Enter dumb heroine.


Secondly, the love interest. There is still no foundation for Daniel and Luce’s love. None. Not one. Oh, unless you consider his chiseled nose, his violet eyes, his firm chest, his rippling abs or his whatever to be a basis for it. This isn’t love. It’s lust. Lust, not pure, beautiful, eternal love that we’re supposed to believe in, but lust. One of the seven deadly, no wonder these two were cursed for it. But I digress because I am no longer a teenager but I know that I acted that same way and called it love. So whether I liked it or not, the book does speak to its target audience.

Finally, the writing style. Again, I know I am well past the target age and audience so I won’t be as hard on this because I really didn’t notice writing styles when I was 15. It was short and choppy, didn’t really flow, and the author reuses a lot of the same descriptions for things, places, and people. But as a reader, I started to get used to the style the longer the book went on. Another complaint I have is the length of all these books. Yes, for Passion, 420 pages was necessary but for the previous two. I will again bring up target audience, I love a huge thick book but only if it’s worth it. If I was a teenager, but not myself, I would probably be hard pressed to pick up a book that from the outside looks like a dictionary!

Overall, I enjoyed the book. I rated it 3 and 1/2 stars. I will be starting the final book, Rapture, later today to complete the Fallen series.


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