Book Review:: Rapture – Lauren Kate


Date started: January 2, 2016

Date ended: January 10, 2016

Stars: ★★★★

Well, I’m finally done with this hot mess of a series and I was pleasantly surprised that the last one didn’t suck and I was satisfied with the ending. So, Lauren Kate, you were 2 for 2. Like I said I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel disappointment after finishing this final installment. I felt relief, sure, that the series finally ended. But I also felt satisfaction, because I think the series ended in the best way it possibly could. I could think of several worse endings.

The fun part that I enjoyed about this final installment was how everything came together. After I finished Rapture I started to compare this book to the movie Memento (2000) with Guy Pierce.

For those of you who haven’t seen the movie nor will you here’s the spoiler: it’s backwards. Yes, the entire movie is so confusing and right before you’re about to turn it off frustrated as hell is when BAM! you realize the entire story was told backwards. With the unfolding of events in Rapture the puzzlement readers felt about the secrets to Luce’s past and how she fits into this whole mess and why these two people were condemned to never be together come together and reveal their secrets in a very creative way.


We learn more about Lucinda’s connection with Lucifer, Daniel and Luce which I found fascinating. I kept guessing how I thought Luce would fit into this whole crowd but I was wrong. Very wrong, but very surprised.

I fully give this book 4 stars because it kept me guessing and I was hooked, though not sad to see this series or the characters go. I’ll have to think long and hard if I will ever pick up another Lauren Kate novel based on her previous works but I won’t say never.

I can definitely say that I will not be reading Lauren Kate’s continuation of this series
with Unforgiven, which came out in November, but it’s the bad boy Cam’s story of love and adventure. Sign me up. NO THANKS.


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