Book Review:: City of Lost Souls – Cassandra Clare

Date started: January 11, 2016

Date ended: January 18, 2016

Stars: ★★★★★

I have adored The Mortal Instruments series since it came out in 2007. The honest to god reason I am only now finishing the fifth book is partly because I didn’t want it to end. I was fifteen when the first book, City of Bones, was published, the same age as the feisty main character, Clary Fray and so I look at these characters and these books as family. Jace was my first boyfriend and Simon was my best friend. Alec and Isabel were the siblings I never wanted and yet came to love. Because of these books, I think I am the only person on the planet to have wanted natural red hair. Yes, to be a ginger because of Cassandra Clare. I had to settle for the bottle, but it’s all I could do. But on a more serious note, to have that all come to an end, is heartbreaking. Also, partly because I was waiting for all the novels to be written and published. So naturally, because of the lovely writing style, the beautiful characters, and my love for all things Shadowhunter, this book earned 5 stars.

I know this won’t be the best review for people because I am severely biased. I will admit that right now. But consistently, over the span of 9 years, if anyone asked me for a good series to start, without a pause, I would recommend this series. So in my bias I would still recommend it to you with the same fan girl enthusiasm.


This book is fantastic because it is a high paced, the writing is stunning, the character development is flawless, and the whole premise is a moral dilemma: Do you kill two for the price of saving all Shadowhunters?

Clary finds that the boy she loves has been attached to her evil brother, Sebastian, through Lilith’s bond. This means that the other cannot survive if the other dies. Quite the conundrum when the evil brother is trying to take over all the world and doesn’t care who he kills, manes, or destroys in the process. The Clave is looking for both of them but they would rather ask for forgiveness then permission when it comes to taking out Sebastian. Clary plays the role of a double agent, running away with Jace against the wishes of her mother and The Clave, being on the side of good but battling the whiles of the dark side. It reminded me a little of the old James Bond movies. This book is a great read because there is adventure, romance, peril, and the tale of good versus evil.

I will forever recommend this series to adults, teens, whoever. It is by far one of my favorite series.


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