Book Review:: Frost Burned – Patricia Briggs

Date started: February 8, 2016

Date finished: February 24, 2016

Stars: ★★★★★

I will apologize from the start. This is another series that I absolutely drool over. I honestly believe it should be made into a TV show. So I will try to make my review as unbiased as possible but everything about this book series is spectacular. Though I did have problems with Frost Burned in the beginning. But as always, Mercy comes out on top.

So one of the first reasons I love the Mercy Thompson series is because of Mercy Thompson. She’s sassy and a lot of smart-assy. She may be the mate of an alpha but even if she was the lowest in the pack she would still give you a piece of her mind. Now, I know that this is not a young adult heroine but this a person who all young adult female characters should look up too. She’s been through hell and back, but she never stops fighting.

While the Mercy Thompson series is an absolute favorite of mine, I did find Frost Burned a little on the slower side for me. I KNOW! With all the werewolves being kidnapped and Mercy in search of them, how could it be boring? Well, I should rephrase, it started on the slower side but sped up pretty quickly. Another great thing about Frost Burned that is different from any other is – We get two full chapters of Adam Hauptman POV.

And all the fangirls scream.


Frost Burned starts with Adam and almost his entire pack being kidnapped by possible federal agents (although everyone is pretty sure they are rogue, human radicals). What Adam soon learns is that these rogue agents want to set-up the werewolves by having Adam assassinate a senator to look bad in the public eye, as public perception of the supernatural population is on very thin ground. Pumped full of silver and drugs, Adam must play these kidnapper games to keep his pack safe, all the while concerned for his Mercy and his daughter Jesse, who have yet to be kidnapped. I was still reeling with one heartbreaking scene in the first part of this book. It was so sudden, so out of the blue, I practically continued reading the book in a state of shock. It was amazing how Briggs introduced a twist to the kidnapping story. It was definitely NOT what I thought the kidnapping was all about.

Mercy and Jesse were out shopping when it all went down. Unable to get ahold of anyone after getting into a fender bender, Mercy starts to panic. Eventually she finds Ben (the only werewolf able to escape), Kyle (Warren’s partner), and Stephan (my favorite Scooby-Doo loving vampire). The three of them along with some help from some others, set out to try to figure out where Adam is being kept and how to get them all out.

While Mercy is quite upset and panicked that Adam is in danger, using their bond she is able to reach out to him and she knows he is still alive. She actually “visits” him on two occasions through a dream of sorts too, which gives her a tiny peace of mind. Even with the dark cloud hanging over them, this book is still full of some lighter moments, especially when Mercy takes Marsilia’s (head vampire queen) car from her shop (it was in for an oil change). The car is a really fancy expensive model and let’s just say, while Mercy has every intention of just harmlessly borrowing it, horrible things happen to this car which is quite amusing.

When I first read the blurb and noticed that Adam was kidnapped, I was bummed he wasn’t going to be in the book very much, but I was wrong. As I said, we get two chapters of his POV and he has a lot of page time. I really enjoyed what we get between him and Mercy in this book. Now married, they have such a mature relationship, and by getting Adam’s POV, we get insight into how proud he is of Mercy, but also how fragile he thinks she is and his overwhelming need to keep her safe.

The final thing that I liked about Frost Burned was that even after all the drama of the kidnapped werewolves, Mercy is still not done. She is called upon by the vampire seethe to assist them in a dire matter. One that is connected to Adam and the pack’s kidnapping.

Frost Burned is fast-paced, funny (lots of really good humor) and sweet; it moves the Mercy world forward. Fans of Mercy and Patricia Briggs will not be disappointed.



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