Book Review:: Night Broken – Patricia Briggs

Date started: February 24, 2016

Date ended: March 1, 2016

Stars: ★★★★★

Yes, I did jump right into the next installment of the Mercy Thompson but come on! It was so good being back in the Mercy Thompson stratosphere. Also, had to get ready to the next book which comes out in a week! You can always count on Briggs to deliver quality story and Night Broken is probably her best one yet.

Okay here’s the run down. Christy, Adam’s bitch of an ex-wife is running from a nasty stalker, so she decided to seek protection with Adam and the pack. Unfortunately for Mercy, stalker in question is dangerous supernatural volcano god who can end them all. On top of that,  Christy just won’t take the hint that there is a new Alpha’s Mate in Columbia Basin pack.

When blurb for this book was released I was excited. Yes, I know, Adam and Mercy’s pain and discomfort pleased me. The reason being is this was such a twist on what all the other books have been about. Christy had merely been a character we knew but never talked about. Kind of like the big bad wolf, there but never spoken about.

One of the reasons I liked this premise is because Adam and Mercy are one of my favorite couple. The main reason being that they don’t go through relationship dramas or misunderstandings that can be resolved with one honest conversation. We read them get together, becoming pair and running a Pack. They are solid. I love that. A thing I was worried about but it was minor because I didn’t think it would happen simply because Briggs is a smart lady but I was concerned that a love triangle would bloom. I know silly but it was a worry. Sometimes, love triangles are fun and suspenseful but this being Mercy and a horrible ex-wife I would murder Adam with my own two hands.

night broken

Well, fear not. None of this happened. There was some reminiscing with Adam and Christy but mostly on Christy behest. But Christy was such a unlikable character that, every two pages I wanted one of the wolves to EAT her. I thought Honey might near the end of the novel. She is one of those women who will tell you venomous words using their sweetest voice. She was whiny, selfish and manipulative in the worst way  possible. If that wasn’t bad enough, she is a person who is not above using emotionally blackmail with Adam and the entire Pack. What human being thinks that okay?! I sometimes wonder how on earth Adam fell in love with her in the first place.

Now, one thing I love the most was Adam. He never strayed from Mercy, never lost connection with her or had trust/conversation issues. Like I said before, there was some reminiscing with Christy but it never went any further then that. In his heart and mind there is only one- his Mate. And because of that, Christy was never a real problem for me. For example, when Christy first asks to come, Adam doesn’t answer right away and he looks to Mercy for the answer. Mercy knows that Adam loves taking care of people and this is his ex-wife, who he took care of And THIS is how those two work. They are one in mind and soul and thank you, Patty, for not ruining that for me.

One annoying thing was the Pack, after events of Frost Burned, I thought that Mercy finally proved that she earns her place as Adam’s Mate. Granted, her position was always shaky, but the way female werewolves (Mary Jo and Auriele) took to Christy’s side so quickly, like falling back into the old times, was so damn frustrating! Christy played them like a violin and just the fact they can get over the fact that Christy left Adam and Jesse on her own, but they can’t get over the fact that Mercy is a coyote made me scream and almost throw my book. But I refrained. Barely.

Mercy was honestly more gracious then I would’ve been in her shoes. Sure, she snapped a few times, but ultimately was calm and reserved and didn’t give in Christy’s prodding. She handled it like any coyote would. Also, she plays the BEST prank ever at the end of the book.

The story behind stalker had very interesting mythology and I find him to be intriguing villain, because he was also damaged in a way and that was obvious from his simple motivation. I actually felt sorry for him, which you almost never feel for the villain. I found this extremely intriguing.

Once again, Briggs does it again, Mercy Thompson fans will not be disappointed.


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