Book Review:: Beautiful Chaos – Kami Garcia

Date started:March 1, 2016

Date finished: March 5, 2016

Stars: ★★★★

Okay, I will be the first to admit that, I am not a huge fan of the Beautiful Creatures series. Probably the only reason I kept with the series is because of my resolution. The first was terrible, the second a little less so, and then the third blew me out of the water. Beautiful Chaos did not disappoint and it is by far the best book yet. Which is sad, considering most readers won’t get to the third book in a series when the first two are so disappointing. I started this book with low expectations and wasn’t even sure I would move to the fourth if it was dreadful, but then the plot, or I should say plots, started rolling and I scarfed it down.

The plot of this book moves away from Lena and onto Ethan. Things are not quite right in the Mortal and Caster Worlds. The events that transpired at Lena’s forced Seventeenth Moon Claiming created  a crack in the Order of Things; a slit formed in our world that is slowly spreading, sprawling and decimating life as we know it. Gatlin is plagued by relentless, scorching heat, grasshoppers, a dried up lake and the Baptists led by the intimidating Mrs. Link, proclaim that it’s the apocalypse. Our friends are haunted by their own torments. For Ethan, it seems that the debt from Lena’s Sixteenth Moon Claiming is due. Every night he is trapped in sweaty, terrible, haunting nightmares, filled with visions of falling and death. He feels blurry, out of focus and he is catching glimpses out of the corner of his eye; is something shadowing him? The worst part is that he is forgetting things, losing more of himself each day, it is as if something is gnawing at his mind. Amma knows that Fate is expecting payment and she is tortured by the steep price. She is distracted and frazzled. Her crosswords set aside, pie making abandoned and The Greats aren’t answering. Lena, has claimed herself, she is sharp, bright and ready to fight but her Caster powers are misfiring as are all the Caster’s powers. There are so many sub plots trailing the main story of Ethan trying to restore The Order and himself. This book will have your mind whirling, it is deep! Be prepared for anything. It builds and builds to a heart wrenching ending that will have you running to check when the next book is available.


The biggest thing that I thoroughly enjoyed in this book was the fact that the characters have (finally) grown and matured, Lena especially. At last she has become more then the brooding, dramatic, self-absorbed girl. I really enjoyed her transformation. Ethan has become amazing, for all you Ethan lovers out there, your boy is courageous and endearing. His willingness to sacrifice will shred your heart. Link, as always, provides the laughs and he excels in his new super hero role. Everyone has returned more developed and better. There is one heart breaking loss along the way. Be prepared to shed some tears.

I am still conflicted over the John Breed character. As I suspected in Beautiful Darkness, he is an important character. This time some light was shed on why he seemed so flat and “puppet like” in the last book. His character fills out in this installment and I even grew to like him, but I feel that I am still missing something. Hopefully, it will all become clear in the finale.

As I mentioned previously, this is a complicated story line with many threads that all intertwine. However, I was disappointed that there were so many lines and none of them draw to resolution. Especially with the climatic, tear jerking, and jaw dropping ending that will have you screaming for more.

The third installment of the Caster Chronicles is bigger and better than the first two. In Gatlin, where things never change, it has changed immensely and not for the better. Our friends in Gatlin, transformed from their previous traumatic adventures  and now trying to evade the deadly revolving Wheel of Fate before she destroys us all. The question has to be asked, can the heroes somehow defy her trampling spokes and change the future? Can they bring about a New Order and stop the Chaos? I expect book four to be an epic finale.


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