Book Review:: Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare

Date started: March 20, 2016

Date ended: March 25, 2016

Stars: ★★★★★

I managed to love and hate Clockwork Prince at the same time, simply because the love triangle continues to rip out out my heart and splatter it all over the floor. It’s so unfair. I’m not above choosing teams (Team Jacob, Team Peeta, etc), and with choosing, I normally choose the loser, except Peeta.  I’m going to try to not fangirl too hard over Jem. It’s so hard for me, butttttttt I can’t do it. I love both boys very much but I think I know what Clare is going to do and I hope she does because it is what is good and right. I know what happens in the very end because of City of Heavenly Fire, but ultimately, I hope Tessa chooses Jem because he is utterly and completely selfless when it comes to her. His love is pure and unconditional, not to question if Will’s is or not, I just feel Jem is the more genuine lover.

Clockwork Prince continues Tessa’s search for the Magister, and the stakes are higher than ever now. Charlotte’s leadership of the London Institute is in question, there is a mole in the Clave, then, of course, there’s that crushing love triangle and action, action, and more action.


I want to focus on the love triangle in Clockwork Prince, because I’ve never in my life read a book with a love triangle that wasn’t blindingly obvious. Just kidding, but I rarely come across any books with a good love triangle. But like I stated before, I choose the losers. I mean, take Twilight, for example. Who thought that she would actually end up with Jacob? I did but even us Jacob’s fangirls knew that Bella wouldn’t choose Jacob. We hoped and prayed but to no avail. I think, but hope that Clockwork Prince owns the damn thing. I hope that Clare will go with the unconventional choice: Jem. The reader can tell by the writing that Tessa will probably end up with Will because he is the brooding and cursed man. He’s the bad boy. But honestly, you don’t know who Tessa will end up with. My biggest dilemma is I want both Jem and Will to end up with Tessa. Polygamy was legal in London back then, right?

Don’t get me wrong, like I have stated multiple times, I love both boys. Yes, I love Jem. Yes, I love Will also.  Really, I do. He’s hilarious, and cruel, and a jerk. He loves to read, he loves poetry, and he’s actually very thoughtful and wise. He grew up too fast, and yes – he’s horrible to Tessa sometimes. But he has his reasons, I’m glad we finally get to find out why in Clockwork Prince. Will would gladly give up his life for her.

So would Jem.

But I am Team Jem because he stole my heart from the first time, and he has never returned it. Frankly, I don’t want it back. Ever.

The plot continues in Clockwork Prince, I can hardly wait to start Clockwork Princess, the questions and plot lines that still hang in the air are almost suffocating. Whoever borrowed Clockwork Princess from JMRL, you need to return in now. Please. I won’t ask again.


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