Book Review:: The Merciless – Danielle Vega

Date started: March 15, 2016

Date ended: April 3, 2016 

Stars: ★★★

In a nutshell, The Merciless is basically a more gruesome retelling of Mean Girls and not quite as good as American Horror Story: Coven.

I also just realized that this is actually a series. When I first got this ARC it wasn’t listed as one. Good thing, I guess, because that cliffhanger was pretty good. I mean, finishing a story that way? Even though I didn’t actually enjoy reading this book, I HAVE to know what happens. So WILL read the sequel. Because there are just so many loose ends, that I just need to KNOW.

It starts pretty standard – with Sofia Flores, a new student in high school, meeting new people, both popular and unpopular ones – doesn’t matter for her. We don’t know much about the main character, so I didn’t get why they all wanted to be friends with her. Exactly like the movie Mean Girls. I guess some thought she was interesting? Well, I didn’t. What is so damn interesting and fascinating about these new girls? I just don’t get it.


I can understand that this book is shelved as horror but I thought it was more disgusting than scary. Kind of like the movie Saw, yes, some parts are kind of scary but overall, it’s just plain gross and way too graphic. Riley (most popular girl in school) wants to do an exorcism on Brooklyn (which she accuses stealing her boyfriend) but that part of the plot takes so so long. Basically, that’s the whole plot (since it did take more than 60% of the book); the tentative to practice an exorcism on Brooklyn and discovering every character’s sin. Of course, there are consequences to that and that’s when it gets bloody.

But honestly, the story as a whole is not bad. But it kind of reads like a rough draft. The pacing is fast, so it did capture my interest for a good time, which is nice, but the juvenile writing style is concerning. I started to think that the book was written like a movie script. Not juvenile truly, just waiting for a movie deal. Throughout, I was curious to know if something truly horrible and scary was going to happen, but alas, there wasn’t, except for some raw and just disgusting things.

This wouldn’t be the first horror novel I recommend wholeheartedly, but I won’t suggest you to stay as away as you can from this book either. Like I stated before, it’s not terrible, but it’s not the best. Maybe some of you will like the creepy and disgusting elements. And let’s not forget the twist. Maybe you’ll love that wicked twist that leaves us waiting for the next installment.



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