Book Review:: Hollow City – Ransom Riggs

Date started: March 31, 2016

Date ended: April 6, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

THAT ENDING THOUGH! WHATTTTTTTT. I’m glad that I only have to wait for three more people to read the library book and not for Riggs to finish writing the novel. I can’t wait to start the third.

The beginning was a little lackluster I thought, but the when the plot started, it STARTED. I couldn’t put it down, I wanted, no, needed more. This series seems to do that because I had that problem with the first book too. I’m glad I kept with it.

Hollow City is DARKER and CREEPIER side of book one. I was really glad to finally see what’s going on with children at the beginning of this book after the cliffhanger of the first. The world of this book is madness, it’s not something joyful for someone. I think Riggs truly embraces the WWII setting of this novel. He blends the history of the war in the normal world into the war of the peculiar one. Emma becomes a true lead character in Hollow City, her courage, and strength in the face of hopelessness is stunning. I liked her even more than I did before.


I liked everything in this book, but I felt like this was a lull between the first one and the finale. While there is action and adventure it seemed mostly like an info dump to bridge the gap between the end pieces. It was certainly more entertaining than the first one, but only marginally. Hollow City is a contingency reading, you will NOT know what will happen next until it blows in you face. Riggs twisted his story to the point that I couldn’t breathe anymore, but it’s a good thing because that was totally a fascination.

Hollow City broke my soul and clenched my heart tightly. Every character is challenged in some way. They are kids left in wartime, with what seems no hope, but in response, these children show how good they are, they have their souls to speak for whatever they want to do. However, this book is deep. It’s more than a young adult novel for me, it taught me to be a strong person and told me that no matter how low in life you fall, there is always something to fight and live for in this (sometimes) cruel world.


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