As of today, my birthday is 15 days away! I can’t wait. It’s my favorite day of the entire year. My birthday is always a big deal to me. Other people just appease me. But this year, I decided to treat myself.

Normally, I take care of the party: planning, prepping and hosting. This year, my best friend, Brittany, decided to take over. If it was anyone else, I would’ve said no. Well, except for my other friend, Hannah. But anyway, I decided to treat myself with two mystical gifts that I have only just discovered: OwlCrate and Book Con.

Liz, Mel, and I had all been discussing Book Con back in December when we first thought of the idea and started brainstorming. Then, about a month ago, Liz decided that hell or high water, she was going and that all of us should go. So, today I bought my ticket and requested off from work. Not even 30 minutes after I requested, my boss approved it. SO THIS GIRL IS GOING TO CHICAGO IN MAY!!

Next, I heard about OwlCrate when I was pursuing the other book blogs I follow. I have just recently been becoming aware of how popular these “surprise” boxes are becoming. There is something for everyone. Besides Club W – a wine subscription – and Try the World – a box with food and drink from one country each month – I haven’t been really gung-ho about any of them. Until OwlCrate. It sounds like heaven! You get a book plus a bunch of other book-themed goodies. Previous boxes have held socks, t-shirts, buttons, notebooks, pens, etc. When I saw that the theme for April was dystopia, my favorite type of young adult book at the moment, I had to indulge. I can’t wait to see all the goodies I receive. I’ll keep you all posted for sure!


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