Book Review:: The Darkest Part of the Forest – Holly Black

Date started: April 12, 2016

Date ended: April 15, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

Holy wow, yes!

Honestly, I’ve put off reading this book because ever since I read Tithe series and The Spiderwick Chronicles, I’ve been hoping for another awesome faerie book from Black. Just the atmosphere she created in both of the previous books were so well done, I was nervous that The Darkest Part of the Forest wouldn’t fit the bill. But all my worry was for naught. The Darkest Part of the Forest lived up to the competition and matched it word for word. The world in which we find ourselves is the world in which we live, except for a little town in the USofA that coexists with the fae. They’re there but hardly ever seen, except for the horned boy who sleeps in a glass coffin in the woods for as long as anyone can remember. Until he wakes, which is where our story begins.

I was blown away from the beginning of the book until the end. There was never a part of this story that was lacking. It was told in a way that was in the present but gave us history through flashbacks. It keeps the reader guessing why does Hazel keep this a secret, where is the horned boy, why … whywhy? 


The characters are well developed. I instantly liked Hazel. She wasn’t anything extraordinary until you read and see her development. Her life is a ticking time bomb, so she lives on the edge. I liked that. She was passionate and fiery. A good, strong female lead without feeling so extraordinary herself. I loved that from a little girl she was dedicated to being a knight. Yes, knight, not a princessLoved this! Because I could relate to it. She was different and special. Destined to be the hero of her own story without the help of a boy. Black has a tendency to create these type of heroines and I eat it up like cake.

The love interest for both Hazel and Ben, I adored. I like how Black gave each of them a fae lover, but not in the typical sense. The brother with the prince and Sir Hazel with Jack. It was innocent and pure, unrequited love until both had the courage to tell the other out loud. Ben embracing that the prince could actually love him for him, and not his sister like he always thought. The prince telling Ben that he had always loved, since the first time Ben sat by his coffin and poured out his heart to him but could never tell him the same. Simply beautiful.

Overall, would highly recommend The Darkest Part of the Forest for anyone who loves faerie stories and a strong female lead. This was a quick read and I would’ve loved to be reading it on the beach or at the lake, lounging in the sun. So, if you off to a weekend vacation anytime soon or just looking to get away from reality, pick up The Darkest Part of the Forest for some real magic.


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