Book Review:: Fire & Flood – Victoria Scott

Date started: April 4, 2016

Date ended: April 19, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

So, Fire & Flood and its sequel, Salt & Stone, have been on my shelf for more than a year now. I was intrigued by the synopsis when I was walking around Barnes & Noble just itching to purchase a book. I stumbled on these two gems because it sounded similar to The Hunger Games. Now, I adore The Hunger Games, I wrote my senior thesis on Katniss Everdeen and have read all the books people have recommended to me that have been deemed “similar”. But Fire & Flood  was the first book that I thought actually came through with that promise. I know I rated this book five stars but honestly, I gave it 4 and a half and the one critique I have is the writing was a little juvenile. It just rubbed me the wrong way sometimes, we’d be taken into this severe situation, let’s say dying of dehydration in the desert, and Tella would say something so prissy or something I would’ve written in my thirteen-year-old diary. Yes, I know our heroine is younger than me, I think she is sixteen, and yes, I do remember how I spoke when I was that age, but it was disconcerting to read it in a published novel. I kept feeling like it was unedited or that it was first published on WattPad. Don’t get me wrong, some great stories have come from WattPad, but sometimes, I felt like I was read Fire & Flood on my computer.


Even with this discrepancy, I thought the book was amazing, I won’t say it was as
great as The Hunger Games, I don’t think any book will take its place in my heart, but it was exceptional. Yes, the main character, Tella, was a little naive and not exactly an ideal heroine, she grows on you. Because she is thrust into an unknown situation, with no previous knowledge but her intentions are pure: she wants, no needs, to save her brother. To do this, she follows an unknown voice, into a race for a cure called the Brimstone Bleed. There can be only one winner, but that winner will procure a priceless antidote for the person of their choosing. It’s a story that appeals to all sorts of readers, it asks the simple question: how far would you go to save someone you love?

The love interest is good, but sometimes I feel it’s a little forced. I think this adds to the reader questioning if Guy (yes, Guy) really likes Tella or if he is using her to get to the cure faster. It’s a guessing game and at the end of the book, we still don’t know. I think his motives are good, but the question still lingers. This part of the novel is where I can relate to the writing style of a teenage girl is perfect. Tessa obsesses over Guy, starting to think about makeup and a hairbrush in the middle of the jungle. It’s cute at that point of the book, but not the whole thing. Now, saying that doesn’t mean there aren’t serious writing portions, but the majority is kitschy.

Overall, this book was great. I know it took me 15 days to read but hey, that’s life. But when I did pick it up I read for hours. I think I read this book in four sittings that took 15 days, that was while reading two other books as well. So, enough gloating, but Fire & Flood is fantastic, a great adventure novel, bring on Salt & Stone!!


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