Have you ever been so excited for something, can’t eat, can’t sleep, a child on Christmas Eve syndrome? If you have, has that ever then change to sadness and misery because the thing you’ve been waiting for has not lived up to your expectations? If you said yes again, then welcome to where I am now.

I told you all had I had purchased tickets for BookCon in Chicago for my birthday (which is tomorrow!), and could not wait to go. I had already raided my bookshelves, made a stack of all the books I had for the authors present to sign, clothes would be thrown into a suitcase as an afterthought. Liz, Mel, and I would jet off in a road trip of epic proportions, eat lots of junk food, sleep on Liz’s parent’s floor, listen to author panels and get all our damn books signed and come home heroes.

Well, that won’t be the case. No, I’m still going and I’m still excited but on a muted level. Turns out that “you can bring books from home” only apply to certain authors. Yeah, so my stack of to be brought has now turned to this:

Say hello to my handsome boyfriend eating his morning waffle.

I went from 16 books (plus the 3 I still had to buy) to 6 books. To top that off, you have to get wristbands for the authors you want to visit AND THERE’S A LIMIT TO THAT. A first come first served basis. So Liz, Mel, and I had to come up with our top 7 authors that we wanted to see and prepare a divide and conquer strategy. ON TOP OF THAT some of the authors at the event aren’t even signing books! Alexandra Bracken who has become one of my top favorite authors is only doing panels, no book signing! She just released a new book, you would think that she’d want to promote Passenger or it’s sequel at the very least.

Anyways, I won’t keep whining but I’m sad that BookCon isn’t what I thought it was going to be. Like I said before, I’m sure it will be fun and the experience will be great. I’ll be visiting a new city I’ve never been to and I’ll get some (maybe not all) of my books signed, plus I’ll be hanging out with Liz and Mel all weekend! It will be fine, just maybe not the utopia I thought I was entering.


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