Book Review:: Scarlet – Marissa Meyer

Date started: April 28, 2016

Date ended: May 3, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

I love this series, this twisted, futuristic fairy tale. It has Robots, aliens, and werewolves! OH MY! I can’t believe I’ve waited almost a year since Cinder to continue to read because I adored Cinder as well, probably another book attracted my attention. What a whore. KIDDING! But in all seriousness, I’m dying to get my hands on Cress, the problem with libraries is the majority of them only have one copy of any given book. But more time to read other books, the story of my life.

But Scarlet continues where Cinder leaves off introducing us to new characters and some of the old ones. The primary focus at the beginning of the book is on Scarlet,the fiery red-head. (Yes, there is that little stereotypical bit going, but her feisty personality really works for the story and I ended up liking her every bit as much as Cinder.) Scarlet is set out to find her missing grandmother, Michelle Benoit. The police are useless and so she determines to find her herself, even if it means leaving the farm and traveling with the rough and somewhat suspicious fighter, Wolf, to help her. Across the country, Cinder is off having some wild adventures of her own, trying to elude the evil Lunar Queen, Levana, with the help of the sarcastic, dashingly handsome, Captain Carswell Thorne (who by the way, is a complete hoot! Another one of my favorite characters). Cinder, though halfway across the world and on the run, is looking for Michelle Benoit too, as she may have answers to Cinder’s past.


I love how everything entwines perfectly with each other. It wasn’t just Cinder and Scarlet in their own novels. The book jumps back and forth between Cinder and Scarlet POV and weaves the story neatly between the two heroines. Naturally, I started out more curious about Cinder’s side of things, since there’s a past attachment and there were so many unanswered questions at the end of Cinder; but, Scarlet and Wolf are fabulous characters and it didn’t take long before I was equally emotionally bound to their story.

The end is not quite the cliff-hanger the end to Cinder was, but there are still many things to be resolved, and I sense that the next book will be even more action-packed and suspenseful. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Scarlet, and I am greatly looking forward to Cress and possibly meeting Marissa Meyer at BookCon!


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