I have the best friends and family a girl can ask for! They may not understand my need to read and to own physical books – except for my father, Liz, and Mel – but they know it is something I am passionate about and love, so they humor me. So here are the amazing books that I’m excited to own and read someday. Some I hope to get signed at BookCon!

From Pops:

From Mel:

From Bubbee:

From Liz:


This last one from Liz, the two authors, Kaufman and Kristoff, will be at BookCon and will be signing the second book in this series. So, she thought it only fair that we read the first one and get an autographed ARC.

Only a week from today till BookCon! Liz, Mel, and I are still narrowing down the itinerary, probably running around the complex like chickens with our heads cut off but I know it will be fun. Also, almost finished with The Siren by Kiera Cass, I had to read me some Cass until I got my hands on The Crown which should be delivered today! So keep a lookout for those reviews coming up!



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