Book Review:: The Siren – Kiera Cass

Date started: May 3, 2016

Date ended: May 6, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

This book was just cute. If I had to sum up this story, that would be it. Cute. But I think that has to do with the author as well. Kiera Cass is a very cute and funny lady herself, so it seems only natural for her to write an innocently pure and cute book. It’s a quick read and not the typical set up for the kind of novel it is. I thought it was almost going to read as a rebellious love affair between two teenagers who are forbidden to fall in love with each other. There is that but not in the sense you would think. The romance is just a cheesy, feel-good type of romance that makes you smile and utter “awwww”. My one complaint: Cass, you have got to stop with these names. Kahlen (pronounced Collin) and Akinli (just like McKinley). Yes, they’re all phonetically spelled, well at least I think so, I’m not an expert, but … really.

What I really enjoyed about this book was some of the characters, specifically The Ocean and Akinli. The Ocean is made out to be a villain-ish mother type being in the story, but it’s still hard to hate Her. She doesn’t like taking human lives and definitely cares about Her sirens. Sometimes She’s despicable, but other times you can’t help but feel pity for Her, as surprising as this may sound. I really liked Her sometimes, but there were other times that She just confused me. I mean, I liked the idea, I think that She was the strongest character of the book, and it’s the first time I read something like it. Her relationship with the girls was one of my favorite aspects of the story, it was very motherly.



Akinli was another character I really enjoyed reading, he was just too sweet, caring and funny. He’s the type of guy that I would dream of dating, just because he’s such a pure character. Just sees the best in everyone, wants to help and be there for you, genuinely good guy. But there wasn’t a lot of him in the book. Also, I liked how the romance started out between Kahlen and him, it was natural and sweet, then the date was precious, but the love at first sight was kind of a buzz kill. Like, you expected it, but there was no build up and that was kind of a letdown. I liked the twist at the end about the siren’s silence and how you thought the story would end but then Cass spins her web and a totally different ending happens. Definitely not the cliché I was expecting.

Kahlen was kind of dull, I kind of liked her, but not so much. She just felt very flat and bland, also I can’t stand characters whose only aspiration in life is to get married. I was just expecting a bigger life goal from her. Maybe if goes back to her being from the 50’s era (I’m guessing that’s when she’s from, it isn’t very clear but Cass does reference 50’s skirts, so it’s a guess) and that was kind of the norm for women, but again, I was expecting more from a Kiera Cass heroine.

Overall, I thought this was a really fresh, cute, fast read and I enjoyed it immensely. The ending was satisfying, the characters were relatable, the settings were fun, but the story was reminiscent of The Little Mermaid and then not even close. So, I would recommend this book to people who liked Cass’s Selection series (or those who didn’t), those who love mermaid novels, or people just looking for a quick and quaint love story.


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