Book Review:: Flawed – Cecelia Ahern

Date started: April 22, 2016

Date ended: May 10, 2016 

Stars: ★★★


Overall, I really enjoyed Flawed – and will read Perfect when it comes out in 2017 – considering I had never heard of it before I received it from OwlCrate. I also didn’t realize who the author was until I started reading and the writing felt familiar! Naturally, I had looked at the name and said to myself, “hmm that name rings a bell” but hadn’t done anything more with that thought. Cecelia Ahern is the brilliant mind who gave us all PS I Love, Rosie (plus more but those are the ones I’ve read), so I was excited to read her debut Young Adult novel.

My one critic is that I wish things had happened sooner in the novel. In the beginning, I think Ahern took too much time explaining the world that she had created and not enough time moving the plot and explaining on the way. It took me 116 pages to actually get into the book and why it took me so long to read. Even past then it was a little dull but I was intrigued by all the hidden factors that were still left unanswered. Now when I hit page 140 I blew through those last 100 pages. I wished the plot had moved that quickly throughout the whole novel. I just hope in Perfect since Ahern has set the environment the plot can just run wild and there won’t be so much explaining.


When I first started Flawed, the story reminded me a little of The Giver simply because perfection is valued above all else and no one can make mistakes or else they are seen as flawed. I do agree with The Scarlet Letter similarities too because if you are found flawed, then you are branded with a big, red F. But another party had suggested the likeness of Flawed to Divergent and I didn’t get that. Maybe that both the heroines didn’t want to be a leader and didn’t see themselves as a leader but grew into that role naturally. Besides that, I couldn’t really see a correlation between those two novels.

Finally, our heroine, Celestine North. At first, I hated her. Well, okay, hate is a strong word but strongly disliked her fits better. She wasn’t anything remarkable, she followed all the rules, wore cute pastel outfits, had the perfect boyfriend, and got good grades. She was the poster girl for this society that values perfection. Then, in one quick second, she chooses compassion over the rules. She is found to be flawed and this is where I really began to respect her. I won’t go into all the details because I don’t want to ruin the whole book for those of you who will read it, but Celestine goes against the grain, stands up for what she believes in, and makes the hard choice. I loved that kind of spunk in a character. I also liked that Ahern decided to make the heroine mixed. As I have said before, there is still not enough diversity in Young Adult fiction.

All in all, Flawed was good, I’m excited to see what adventure Perfect brings to the table. Once again, Ahern’s writing is perfection and the world she created is sublime. I would have to say that for her first Young Adult novel, she passed with flying colors. You go, girl!


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