Today’s the day! I didn’t sleep a wink last night because I was so excited. Woke up bright and early to double check my suitcases (and I still managed to forget my stack of books to sell at Half Price Books)! But none of the books I need for Book Con, so everything is still peachy. Mel and Liz showed up a little late, but we don’t have a real time frame, the only thing that is on the docket is Half Price Books in Hamilton, OH!! One and only stop (just kidding)! I’ll keep you all updated, you’ll probably get super annoyed by the end but I have over 9 hours in the car, so bear with me. Lots of audiobooks to listen to, may have time for some reviews. So stay tuned! Xoxo


Rosie’s all set and ready to rock and roll. Yes, I have a pig named after the magical pig in Poison by Bridget Zinn. Which if you haven’t read then I highly highly recommend it, Zinn creates a story of a fairytale world, with a kick ass heroine and an adventure you won’t forget.





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