Well, I can say that I am thoroughly exhausted. Book Con started out horrible and then ended on a good note. I was not expecting the rush, all the people, and the lack of free stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, there was free stuff, but I was expecting a lot more books i knew to be free, alas, this was not the case. Now I don’t say this because I came away with empty hands, oh no, I came home with four or five tote bags full of goodies and ARCs, but I didn’t get to meet everyone that I thought I would.

All of us being new to Book Con missed the memo of the hordes of people that would get to the convention center at 5:00 AM, so by the time we got there at 7:15 AM (lines for author wristbands opened at 10:00 AM), there was a line a mile long already. We had to walk down the hall, over the bridge, and sit right next to the escalators. And people just kept coming! We heard later that the line went four floors down! There were people in the basement! By the time Mel, Liz and I even got into the ballroom to line up for authors we had already decided to bypass that and just get in line to get into the booth floor.

I won’t bore you with all the details but in all honest, it was a clusterfuck and not really well planned out. Mel, Liz and I had an agenda that did not leave a lot of room for error but just enough that we thought we could make everything. This was before the planners decided to move up events, allow more people into events, and then pass out tickets for in-booth signings that wasn’t announced anywhere. So I didn’t get to meet Alexandra Bracken, Cassandra Clare, or Ransom Riggs, which was very disappointing. But I did get to meet Jennifer Niven, Nicola Yoon, Jenny Han, Laini Taylor, Jennifer L Armentrout, Pierce Brown and more. So, as I said, not completely wasted, I got to meet people I wanted to see and then I didn’t. Bracken just broke my heart because it was something in my morning that I could not wait for and I was in line to meet Niven and Yoon when I got a notification that the event was starting. To be honest, I cried. I had brought my beaten up, Goodwill copy of The Darkest Minds and was ready to fangirl my heart out, but no go. I thought about sending her an e-mail and just tell her how excited I was but that I’ll have to catch her on the flip. Han and Taylor were complete flukes. Han, I saw when she was getting lunch and Taylor after lunch. I corner Taylor and gushed and gushed about Daughter of Smoke and Bone and how much I couldn’t wait for Strange the Dreamer. She was so thrilled that she told me I should come to her afternoon panel because they were giving out sneak peeks to Strange. So I did. Guys, it’s so good, beautiful. Can’t wait until September.

I won’t go on and on but I will say that Liz, Mel and I talked about going next year and I think we’re all in agreement that we’ll spend the extra dough and splurge for Book Expo America. You get to actually meet the authors, get more popular ARCs, and listen to all the panels. At Book Con, we only got to meet authors on the fly or by mistake, got ARCs we’d never heard of and had to pay for ones we had (which isn’t always a bad thing), and only got to attend part of ONE panel. As I stated before, it wasn’t for lack of planning on our part. I think Book Con should really think about a cap on how many people attend, because I didn’t hear a final number but there had to of been, at least, 6000 // 7000 people. Too many in such a small place. I know this is only Book Con’s third year and we kept that in mind, but you could really tell.



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