Today presented us with more walking, sightseeing, and tons of yummy food. My poor feet will never be the same after this weekend. I like to think I’m a pretty active person but I normally run or lift weights, this whole walking business is not for me. But Chicago is a beautiful city, it reminded me of New York. I know I’m not the first person to say that, but I enjoyed my trot around the city. I got to try deep dish pizza but could not find a hot dog stand so that’ll have to wait for the next trip back. Sky Deck will also have to wait for next time. We all went to the building, but it was early afternoon and everyone and their mother were there, so the wait was an hour and a half to the top. I was willing to wait but we had places to go, people to see, and lunch to eat.

I did get to see The Art Institute of Chicago, take a stroll through Millennium Park and see “The Bean”, go to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and stick my feet into Lake Michigan! It was a lot of fun but gobs of walking. I brought trainers but geez, I did not think I would need my running shoes. The trip was too quick and I would’ve liked to do more there but there’s incentive to go visit again. I’d like to go see a ballet there and see my friend Erin perform.

So, until next time Chicago … xoxo




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