Book Review:: The Crown by Kiera Cass

the crownDate started: May 10, 2016

Date ended: May 27, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★


Wow, okay, I don’t even know where to begin. This book series is five stars, I don’t think a single one was rated anything less, but they deserve each star they got. Kiera Cass is a magician. She created a dystopian world from nothing and created characters that will stay with me forever. I was on edge the entire time I was reading The Crown partly because one never knows what curve balls Kiera Cass will throw but compared to her other novels, The Crown was as tame as a house cat. Nothing bad happened, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any curveballs, oh no, Cass still made sure everyone knew she was the boss, but there were not any intense life and death situations in The Crown like there has been in the past. But, I didn’t know that hence why I was on edge the whole book. Also, there were a lot of unresolved issues that had to be dealt with: who was Eadlyn going to end up with? Would her people finally like her? Was she going to be a good ruler? Would America survive her heart attack? Plus much more.

But overall, without giving anything away because that would be cruel, I had two theories on who Eadlyn would end up with AND BOTH WERE KIND OF CORRECT! I definitely had Kile pegged as a finalist, Cass kind of made that too obvious which wasn’t like her, but the other one I had was a little unorthodox. But when dealing with Kiera Cass you have to think outside the box. This second theory was the one that was correct! I am keeping it a secret, though, but as you read the novel, from the very beginning, this match was hinted at but I was worried that Cass was just dangling this morsel in front of me like a carrot in front of a cart horse. Kind of like Kile was the obvious choice, this one was a little obvious, she hints at this in The Heir as well, but it was subtle enough that I thought I may be imagining it.

tumblr_o7gftgITT91sh6x9zo1_1280All in all, The Crown gets two thumbs way up from me, I will miss the characters and the world of Illéa but will visit often. Now that all the books are out and I have read them once, I’m contemplating rereading them all the way through this summer. How nice would that be? But five stars, a round of applause, and two thumbs way up, Kiera Cass has completed The Selection series on a high note of epic proportions. Well done, ma’am. I can’t wait for your next masterpiece.


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