I found a really interesting article today at work. It was called 25 books every girl should read before she turns 25. Just recently turning 24 and love reading classics, especially those that I pretended to read in high school. I’m trying to accomplish the feeling of being well read, as well as reading what I like to read. So, this summer and beyond, I’m going to try and read a classic a month. Seems simple, but I get distracted easily. So this list seems pretty straight forward, so I thought I would share. Happy reading! xoxo

25 books every girl should read before she turns 25

  1. Daughter of Fortune
  2. Persepolis
  3. Pride and Prejudice
  4. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
  5. Matilda
  6. The Handmaiden’s Tale
  7. The Bell Jar
  8. The House on Mango Street
  9. Graceling
  10. To Kill a Mockingbird
  11. Bossypants
  12. The Bluest Eye
  13. Inkheart
  14. Forever …
  15. Feminism is For Everyone: Passionate Politics
  16. The Diary of a Young Girl
  17. The Secret of Platform 13
  18. Americanah
  19. A Wrinkle in Time
  20. Stargirl
  21. Little Women
  22. Ella Enchanted
  23. Speak
  24. Esperanza Rising
  25. Fun Home

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