Book Review:: Tiger’s Curse – Colleen Houck


Date started: May 16, 2016

Date ended: June 17, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

I want to preface this review with this: I didn’t hate it but there will be ranting ahead. I actually enjoyed the story but felt that Houck wasted and disrupted the flow of the novels to talk waaaayyyy too much about food and clothing. It was annoying. The adventure part of the book was right on and it kept me engaged because I was on the adventure with Kelsey and Ren. But, in the middle of an intense scene or in the middle of the adventure, Houck would spend a paragraph or two talking about what Kelsey and Mr. Kadam were having for breakfast, dinner, afternoon tea, dinner, supper ETC!! It was too much. At one point, I almost threw the book because for the umpteenth time she was talking about food and not the plot. I also screamed, “HOUCK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN GO GET A SNACK!” I was not a happy camper. I get this way when authors use too much imagery and adjectives. Yes, the writer needs to set the scene and the atmosphere for the reader, but this does not mean when need to know everything they eat or what Ren is wearing that makes him so swoon worthy. We get it, he’s hot, move on. We have vivid imaginations, we get the picture.

I’ll say it again because after that rant I don’t think you remember, I liked the book. I did, after all, give it four stars because I enjoyed it and would recommend it to a friend. I will be reading the second. But between the main character, Kelsey Hayes, and the extreme details about the food, it’s no wonder it took me a month to read. It’s writing like this that disrupts the flow of the novel and makes it hard to get drawn completely into the story and the characters in it. That being said, I will start my rant about Kelsey Hayes.

I did not like her. There were some instances that I loved her sass, but others times I kept thinking WTF are you doing? She just seemed vapid. There was something missing. I could understand some of her thoughts and emotions but for the most part, I didn’t like the way she treated Ren. I understand why she was trying to protect herself and try not to get involved with him, I get it, I really do, but I felt like she should’ve been fair to him and told him the whole story. It’s pretty damn obvious the guy is 50 shades of into you. Just say, “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, I like you too but I’m afraid you’ll hurt my feelings.” BOOM! Then it’s all out in the open, nobody’s feelings get hurt, and you’re both aware of what is going on. But nope, Kelsey just keeps insisting she’s not into him, which it’s obvious she is, and she confuses the shit out of Ren and I’m guessing in future books, she’s going to do the same thing with Kishan which will create a love triangle. Call it a hunch.

tumblr_nsv77m4Vig1qjpva0o1_1280Overall, four stars and I enjoyed it, when there wasn’t food involved for Kelsey sputtering over her emotions for Ren. I have a feeling that this is just how Houck writes and that if I continue with this series that I will have to bear my cross throughout. She’s like a Homer or a Steinbeck, loves those friggin settings and descriptions. Oh well, if the second book isn’t worth it then I won’t continue with the third. It’s as simple as that.


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