Book Review:: Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

Date started: June 23, 2016

Date ended: June 23, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

SHE DID IT AGAIN! And once again, I am left here thinking why did I wait so long to read Rainbow Rowell. Granted, her first YA book appealed to me but never enough for me to go out and read it. I did think that I would read Eleanor & Park before Fangirl but the library made me get Fangirl and I was not disappointed. But naturally, after reading Fangirl, I HAD to get Carry On. It’s practically the sequel to it! Again, I was not unsatisfied.

My one complaint was the beginning was a bit redundant. It took about 200 pages before the action really started kicking in. The start was basically Simon worrying that Baz is missing, the Old Families want the Mage out of power, and Simon pining that Agatha doesn’t love him anymore. Sigh, I was about ready to give up. I’m so glad I didn’t but honestly, Rowell could’ve cut down a bit on this nonsense and gotten the adventure part going. Because once it started it didn’t stop. There were tons of plots turns and twists. the character development was perfect. I love that the love interest (pun intended) was slow and steady. It was believable especially since one of the characters didn’t know/think/realize he might be bisexual/gay and the other had been in love since they first met. I’m trying not to spoil anything, can you tell?


The action was believable.

The romance was believable.

The story was gripping and never obvious.

There were some instances that I was thinking okay, Rowell literally took Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy and made a fan-fiction about them. Which might have been the inspiration, because there were some parts that I could see the correlation between the two novels? Then at other parts, there was a huge distinction like cell phones and the real world.

My favorite supporting character is definitely Penelope. She’s comparable to Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter novels. Hence, why I love her. Granger holds a special place in my heart and now, so will Penelope Bunce. Smart, witty, and doesn’t take anyone’s shit, she’s a strong and supporting character, and I love how Rowell clarified that there was no romantic attachment, which everyone speculated on with Harry Potter. Rowell was like NO! I loved that.

Also, the spells were brilliant and ironic! They ranged from idioms to song lyrics, to nursery rhymes, to everyday slang. It was hysterical when there was a battle scene and the heroes are yelling, “out-out damn spot” or something along those lines. Absolutely brilliant!

All in all, I will probably gift Fangirl and Carry On together, I will definitely recommend them together because both novels are beautifully written and will stay with you forever. The characters are real and the love is true, what more could a reader ask for?


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