Book Review:: Through the Woods – Emily Carroll

tumblr_nd9etgpWcX1rmgqeqo1_500Date started: July 11, 2016

Date ended: July 11, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

Holy spine-tingling goodness!! I chose this book based on its synopsis, not realizing that it was a graphic novel. I know, I say this a lot, but I don’t typically gravitate towards graphic novels. My sister, Joan, loves anime and graphic novels and she’s been working on me, trying to get me to cave, but I’ve held strong. Then Through the Woods  comes along and everything crumbled. This was another book that I found out about looking through my Tumblr and Instagram friends. I was intrigued by the art on the cover and the synopsis, so I figured it would be a fun beach read. BOY WAS I RIGHT! I ended up reading it out loud to my family the first night of our beach vacation by the light of the setting sun. It was creepy and oh-so-satisfying.

There are only 4 stories but by the end of the first one, the goosebumps on your arms have already appeared. By the second, they have reached Mount Olympus-sized proportions. The fun thing about each story is they’re not the same type of scary. They play on different types of creepy. There’s body snatchers, in human males, trapped in a cave or a house during a snowstorm., ghostly wails in the middle of the night. You name it, it probably makes an appearance. Plus the artwork in this graphic novels is gorgeous. It adds to the creepiness with is raw pictures and unforgiving gory details. I think the scariest parts of the book where the pictures nothing was written on.


But for those of you who love going to see scary movies or those of you who like the adrenaline rush of being scared (I’m with you junkies), this is a quick read for you. I think it took me just over an hour to read, granted I was reading out loud because my family couldn’t get enough, but once you start you can’t stop.


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