#JulyOwlCrate #GoodVSEvil

Okay, this month’s OwlCrate was super fun! It’s always a mystery of what’s inside but for the month of July there was a double mystery. Half of the subscribers would get a good box and the other half would get an evil box. You didn’t have a choice of which you could get! I was so thrilled when I embraced the dark side with my evil box.


Inside was one of my favorite bad guy, Draco Malfoy. Before last month’s box, I didn’t own any Funko POP figurines because I was afraid that if I started buying them I wouldn’t be able to stop. Well, the dam is open and I am extremely happy with my first two! This box included a lot of fandoms like Alice in WonderlandStar Wars, and Harry Potter. I got a Death Star necklace and another adorable magnetic bookmark featuring the Queen of Hearts. This month’s book choice is perfection, I’m so glad that I didn’t buy This Savage Song last week like I had planned. AND THERE WAS A SIGNED BOOKPLATE! I’m in baddy heaven (or hell?) with my evil box. Can’t wait to see what comes next!!


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