Guys, I’m so excited! Last night I got off work and was exhausted. The restaurant business takes a lot out of you but I had to pull through because IT WAS THE MIDNIGHT RELEASE OF HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD!


I went with some of my friends to a Barnes & Noble and of course, we dressed up in our respective house colors (Gryffindor pride)! I’m so glad I went because they went all out. There was a fortune-teller with tarot cards, a place to hang socks for Houseelf Rights, and a Patronus teller (mine is a golden retriever)! It was outrageously fun, there were young and old Potter fans, everyone was spouting off theories but no spoilers were thrown out (thank God). There were also a few Muggles we had to educate but everyone was in high spirits.


The coolest part was we counted down to midnight and then at the end a joyful bout of Happy Birthday was starting in honor of her majesty, the queen-mother of Harry Potter, JK Rowling. There were lots of tears and laughter. Then we opened the “presents” and went home in ecstasy.


I, the bum that I am, feel asleep reading the first page because I was burnt out. But, I woke up refreshed this morning. Brew a French Press of Starbucks Italian Roast and will read until I finish! Or at least until my adult responsibilities start AKA work at 11:30AM


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