Book Review:: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – JK Rowling / John Tiffany / Jack Thorne

tumblr_obbmdfVtG41scc1svo1_1280.jpgDate started: August 3, 2016

Date ended: August 4, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

I, uh, I opened a book. Something which has – in all my years on this planet – never been a particularly dangerous activity.


I’m highly emotional right now.


I told myself I wouldn’t get this emotional!

Granted, I haven’t slept in over 24 hours thanks to work and this novel, but if I had the chance, I would do it again.

As many people my age, hopefully, got to experience and know, we are the Harry Potter generation. We grew up going on adventures and creating mischief with Potter, Weasley, and Granger. We hated all Malfoys and Umbridge, cried at our beloved’s deaths (Lord knows there were too many), it’s a story that will always be a part of our lives.

So, for Rowling, Tiffany, and Thorne to bless us with this screenplay was a gift from the gods. At first, I was skeptical, I’ll admit it. I think a lot of people were once we got over our initial excitement. I was thrilled to be able to immerse myself in the Wizarding World again, but as a theater minor, a screenplay is not the same as a book. I’ve read multiples of both, and they’re not the same. Yes, similar, but not the same. But, from the moment I opened the book and read the first words, it was effortless to slip back into that fantasy world I have missed.


All my old friends were there, right where we had left them after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was true to form as well. There were tears and there was laughter (a lot of awkward outbursts by yours truly, it’s why I shouldn’t read novels in public places). There were plot twists, old friends, and new spells. Everything that should be in a Harry Potter novel was there. The characters hadn’t changed a bit, except maybe in appearance. Harry is still an emotional sounding board. All over the map. Ron is the lovable doofus. Hermione is still her grounded, ball-busting self.

I’m trying not to spoil anything for anyone. I stayed off my social media after I purchased my book because I was paranoid. BUT GUYS, it’s, in one word, breathtaking. It will steal your heart and leave you wanting more. I read it in less than 24 hours and would’ve finished sooner if I had no life (and no, I don’t mean just social). But fear not my fellow Potter Heads, you will not be disappointed. It will fulfill your life and you will cry when it’s over. Not necessarily because it’s sad but because the story has come to an end again. Just when you think you’re getting back your beloved characters and friends, you’ve already devoured the 309-page play.

Now that I’m finished, I guess I will just have to go back to rereading the series (again), twiddle my thumbs and hope and pray for more to come from Rowling, Tiffany, and Thorne. Hopefully regarding the Wizarding World.


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