Book Review:: The Crown’s Game – Evelyn Skye

tumblr_oc66m85R3x1u3m1i9o1_1280Date started: August 8, 2016

Date ended: August 21, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

“Imagine, and it shall be. There are no limits.⁠⁠⁠⁠”

First, I was not emotionally prepared for this book. So. Many. Feels.

Also, this book had a high expectation from the start. I was told that if I liked The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern then I would like The Crown’s Game. I was highly skeptical because I not only like The Night Circus, but I LOVE The Night Circus. I was not disappointed.

Finally, this book was chalk full of so much. Masquerades, star-crossed lovers, and magical duels the 399 pages were not enough. I cannot believe I have to wait to 2017 for the final installment, The Crown’s Heir.

I swear the environment that Evelyn Skye creates is absolutely phenomenal. It created the perfect scene for this magical game to be held. That is definitely key, it’s one of my favorite things about The Night Circus, the imagery and atmosphere, it’s stunning in both. This allows the characters to thrive in their environment and stories. Sometimes, if the atmosphere is too weak, the plot and characters fall flat. This is not the case for The Crown’s Game.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetFor the winner of the game, there would be unimaginable power. For the defeated, desolate oblivion. The Crown’s Game was not one to lose.

Speaking of THE CHARACTERS, oh my goodness!! Excuse me while I gush. This might be the first time that I not only didn’t mind the love-triangle, because of what a complicated web it turned into. Also, it wasn’t overbearing, because it wasn’t the complete focus and it enhanced the dire nature of the situation. How do you kill something you love? Halfway through I was distraught because I knew there was just no way for everyone to get the ending they deserved. Again, not emotionally stable after that ending, but am holding out for the sequel.

This review will be short because there is no way to talk about everything without giving spoilers (and I don’t roll that way). All you need to know is if you like adventure, romance, magic, and deadly twists and turns The Crown’s Game should be your next read.


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