Book Review:: Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

tumblr_o7v8h83dsb1u0bo0ko1_1280Date started: September 2, 2016

Date ended: September 6, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★★

“Many things led to this day, for all of us. A forgotten son, a vengeful mother, a brother with a long shadow, a strange mutation. Together, they’ve written a tragedy.”

Holy Moses! I’m still reeling from that ending. I can’t believe everything that was jam packed into an almost 400-page novel. Red Queen was not anything that I had planned for. I had an idea in my head of what was about to occur but was not even close to the events that I was about to experience. There is love, power, struggle, magic, betrayal, and much much more. I think part of the reason I had reservations heading into this novel is if I haven’t read a book before it goes viral, I’m highly skeptical when it gets popular too fast. It’s how I felt about The Raven Cycle and a few other series I’ve started recently. For a few of them, I was deeply mistaken and they are now present on my favorites shelf. Red Queen has now made a mark on my soul and my bookshelf.

My emotions are still all over the place with this book. It is a shippers dream. I love Maven. I love Cal. I love Kilorn. I love Mare. Can’t we all just get along?! This book is full of love and hate relationships. The characteristics of all the characters are fabulous. Everything goes in depth, the reader gets a full story of most every character (even the minor characters and the supporting royal houses). The thing I loved the most, is yes, there are a ton of houses and characters, but never once did I feel overwhelmed like I was reading a Leo Tolstoy or George RR Martin book, where I had to keep notes in the back to keep everyone straight in my head. The world that Aveyard creates is vivid and believable. I’m trying hard not to gush or spoil, but with this book, it’s hard.

tumblr_oaz8ghppwq1ut15r8o1_540God, I also knew sibling rivalry would play a part in this book, because honestly how could it not with two princes in line for the throne? I’m not ruining anything by saying that, anyone who has read a couple books can testify to that. So, no fear in spoilers.

What can I say about Mare Barrow. I love her is the simplest definition. She’s not the quintessential heroine. She’s feisty, speaks before she thinks, and is fiercely protective of her family. All qualities that I can relate too. She is never selfish, unless it will benefit those she loves. She would gladly die before letting someone she loves die. But in this world, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Death is around every corner.

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

I could quote this book all day.


I fiercely need Glass Sword in my life but I’ve gone to two bookstores and they have been OUT OF STOCK! Like calm down everyone, you’re going to be waiting with me till February 2017. I might cry just thinking about it. I would recommend this book to everyone, absolutely everyone.

“Rise, red as the dawn.”


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