Book Review:: The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

tumblr_o2w765maxb1sinrrno1_1280Date started: September 22, 2016

Date ended: September 26, 2016 

Stars: ★★★★

“Something bad happened.”

Wow, that was a thrill ride. It kept me guessing right up until the last page.

I have to admit, I held off reading this book because of Gone Girl. I love Gone Girl and was recommended The Girl on the Train immediately after the book came out but I just couldn’t believe that it would live up to this high expectation. Well, I wasn’t half wrong.

The Girl on the Train is of the same mindset that Gone Girl is, but the two are apples and oranges. This is not to say that I didn’t like The Girl on the Train, I did immensely, but not as much as I loved Gone Girl.

The story is told from 3-POVs: Rachel Watson, Anna Watson, and Megan Hipwell. I’m not a huge fan of multiple POVs but with mysteries and thrillers, it just works. Especially, when your three main characters are a drunk, a cheat, and a liar. Who can you trust? No one! I liked that part about this story is because when something was uncovered, it never became more clear at who-done-it. Another clue would push you to believe it was Rachel, another one would make you believe the doctor did it, and another would point out a jealous housewife bored with life. I thought this was simply brilliant because even at the end, you’re sitting there reading, needing to know who did it, and yet, you’re still shocked at how it unfolds.

I did like that The Girl on the Train was a bit faster paced than Gone Girl, I liked that whenever I picked up where I left off, I never wanted to stop. I also liked that right from the beginning, there are secrets everywhere. The untold truths that everyone hides just beneath the surface. As you continue to read, you start to peel back the layers of those secrets and what you find isn’t always pleasant.

Also, this book is a great advocate for not blacking out when drinking. Oh my, while I was reading this I was like, “Damn, I’ve done that” but the whole while you’re screaming at Rachel, “Why are you doing that! Stop while you’re ahead!” After reading The Girl on the Train, I hope to never black out again, because you might just go to bed that night and wake to find blood on your hands …


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