As a greedy bibliophile, I have planned all year for what to tell my significant other (if I had one), my mother, my father, my siblings, and my friends of what books I would like to be given for this joyous time of year. But, as I have found in the past, I have to create separate this for everyone who is involved or else you end up with the dreaded duplicates. Sometimes this isn’t a problem because some people give gift receipts but there are some that do not. And rather than being that person standing at the checkout line demanding store credit because you got this beautiful book three times … I have developed specific lists for specific people. I find the easiest books (recent releases) to give to my friends that never step into a bookstore and save the hidden gems for those who are avid readers like moi. I have found that by creating said lists also increases my chances of getting a ton more lovelies wrapped in a bow under the tree.

So, here’s some of the books I am asking for for Christmas.

From brother and his wife:

From sissy:

From the bookworm twins (Liz and Mel):

I know I won’t get all of them but I wanted to give everyone options. I’ll love whatever I get plus LOOK AT ALL THE GORGEOUS COVERS!! The theme was also to finish off some of the series I’ve accumulated over the past year but have been too lazy to get the rest. The rest are all books I’ve been dying to get but have held off because there isn’t a Barnes & Noble or Books-a-Million near me. What are you hoping for for Christmas? Any unique books you’re requesting?



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