Book Review:: H2O (The Rain) – Virginia Bergin 

Date started: December 16, 2016

Date ended: January 6, 2017

Stars: ★

I can’t. I literally can’t anymore. Maybe it’s just because I’m 24 years old and have reached that point in my life where I can’t take ignorant teenagers (even though I’m sure at some points I was one at that age) even if they’re only characters in a book. 

I think Ruby, our main heroine, is one of the real reasons I didn’t enjoy H2O. I was intrigued by the plot and was really interested to see where this story would go because again, as any of you might remember, I love putting myself into the situation and thinking of what I would do in their shoes. Well, I can guarantee you I wouldn’t be worrying about my makeup, hair, and nails when 99.73% of the population IS DEAD! Yes, I can understand her on the cellphone issue because it would be in the back of my mind, but I would’ve had higher priorities to deal with. 

Another thing that I didn’t like was the plot line. It was as stagnant as the water they couldn’t drink. I will admit that I didn’t finish H2O but I read about 200 pages of the 320 page novel before I’d almost lost all of my hair from pulling it out. At this point in the book, Ruby had finally just left home in search of her father. YES, JUST LEFT HOME AFTER 155 PAGES OF BEING HOME! Do you see the frustration? At first, the book started off at a good pace and I was engaged but then fell flat and bored me half-to-death after that. 

Overall, I would probably rate H2O as a 1.5 stars because I did enjoy the beginning of the book but then couldn’t take all the teenagerness that raged throughout the rest of the novel. I’m still intrigued by how the characters survived and how the story ends but from other reviewers, the story ends on another flat note. Maybe I’ll come back to this novel in a couple years, or maybe not. 


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