Book Review:: Wayfarer – Alexandra Bracken

Date started: February 19, 2017

Date ended: March 13, 2017

Stars: ★★★★★


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“But we are, all of us, also wayfarers on a greater journey, this one without end, each of us searching for the answers to the unspoken questions of our heart. Take comfort, as I have, in knowing that, while we must travel it alone, this journey rewards goodness, and will prove that the things which are denied to us in life will never create cages for our souls”

Have you ever read a book that knocked you on your ass and you can’t get over the book hangover for a week or more? Well, that’s what Wayfarer was for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Passenger but this second installment just blew it out of the water, there was really no comparison. The first novel was kind of slow and bogged down with descriptions. I was happy to see there was none of that in Wayfarer. From the start, the plot goes from 0-100 MPH and it does not stop!

While Passenger was like a stroll through time, Wayfarer is more dire. It’s a matter of life and death, of time as we know it. The plot was fast paced and more sinister. The plot was a roller coaster of emotions, I lost my shit more than a couple times with all the deceit, backstabbing, and plot twists. It’s hard to write a review about how good this story was without revealing any spoilers so I’ll leave it at that.

The writing of course, was stunning and whimsical with a dash of desperation. As a reader, I felt as I was in Etta’s shoes running out of time through time. We were introduced to new amazing characters and places, even the original characters had some really great development. There was something old and something new. I absolutely love that  the characters (both old and new) created deep discussions of race / sexuality / gender, it was a breath of fresh air in the YA genre.

One of my favorite character developments was Sophia Ironwood. In Passenger, I would’ve gladly sold her to Satan free if charge. I had to admire her strength but the way she went about things was completely deplorable. In this novel, we get to know her more as she softens and opens up. There’s a great love interest that develops with her that will simply melt your heart.

While this series was complete and I’m very content with it, I STILL WANT MORE! I cannot wait to see what other magical worlds and stories Alexandra Bracken will come up with in the future.




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