Book Review:: RoseBlood – AG Howard

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetDate started: March 13, 2017

Date ended: April 20, 2017 

Stars: ★★★


I had such high hopes for this novel, simply because I loved AG Howard’s Splintered series which was another retelling of Alice in Wonderland. Well, with one of my favorite classics down, I figured her inspired retelling of The Phantom of the Opera would be a knock out as well. I have to admit, I didn’t love this story. Sure, I liked it but it wasn’t the wow I was anticipating.

There were certain aspects that were great, like it being set in Paris. How cool would it be to attend high school in Paris? The writing style set the right atmosphere for story. It was ominous when called for but ancient and classic as well. It gelled with the plot wonderfully.

The characters were alright, very stereotypical though. You had the heroine with a secretive past who is sent away to escape. Her new friends: a quirky girl sidekick, the handsome boy next door, and a wary girl who warms up to her eventually. Then you had the mean girls who bullies the new girl and we can’t forget the mysterious angsty love interest.

The one thing I can say that I was happy with is there wasn’t a love triangle. There almost was but it never came to fruition. That was a plus, with all the stereotypical characters I almost assumed it was coming but plot twist it didn’t!

The last thing that niggled me was the pacing of the novel. I kid you not I had to read almost 100 pages before stuff started happening. It was a lot of background and foreshadowing but I was about to give up on the book. But when the plot started rolling, it took off. There were a few plot twists that made the story interesting and made me want to know more but they were very abrupt and left me confused. Since there was a lot of foreshadowing, I think I wished that Howard had spent more time on one of the plot twists, I’ll call it the main one, but it was very sudden and I had to reread the chapter over to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Just wished the pacing was sped up and that the plot and twists flowed better.

Overall, I liked Roseblood, it was a fun read and it made me feel like I was on spring break in Paris, so I appreciated that. I look forward to more from Howard, but I’d really like to see some original work instead of another retelling. Though maybe I should take a break from retellings because they’re either good, bad, or ugly.


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