About Me

Hey everyone! I’m Dana and I’m a book addict. I read almost every day. So one day I thought, “Why not document books you’ve read and review them for the world to see?”. So HERE I AM! Part of the book blogging world. Just another addition into the thousands of others. What makes mine different? Honestly, nothing really. Not anything I can think of at least. But this is something I really enjoy doing so what better way to make my thoughts known then on a little old blog.

 If any one was curious to know more about me, here you go.

I’m a Sports Lover. Book Reader. Coffee Drinker. Story Teller. Disney Obsessor. Virginia Dweller. Wine Connoisseur. Movie Watcher. Adventure Craver. Oh, and I’m 25.

So feel free to follow along with me as I cry, fangirl, laugh, blush, smile, and sigh over these word wonders. I’ll try to post often, but forgive me if I don’t feel like it sometime or just forget. I’m only human.

Hope you enjoy what you read!